Help with pattern after row 10 please

I have knitted up to row 10. Then I do not understand what row I start on next

What is the name or James Brett number of your pattern?

After row 10 repeat the rows 1-10. You will probably continue to repeat rows 1-10 until you reach a length specified in the pattern or until the pattern tells you something different. You won’t be able to follow the exact stitch numbers for the area around the m1 because of the increases in that section. The cable pattern won’t be affected however and should be continuous.
You should be able to see the stockinette stitch, the reverse st-st and the garter stitch panels in those first 10 rows.

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Don’t let the increased stitch throw off the stitch pattern. Keep the section with the increase in stockinette (knit one row, purl one row) even though you’ll be working more sts than row 1 and the following indicate for that section. Then work the reverse st st and the cable.
Ignore the directions in rows 1-10 for m1. From now on you’ll m1 in rows 5 and 7 in the next repeat of rows 1-10. In the 2nd repeat of rows 1-10 the increase is on row 10. In the 3rd repeat the increase is on rows 4 and 8.
If you prefer to count these rows one after the other the increases are on rows 5, 7, then 20 and finally rows 34 and 38.

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Thank you you have been so helpful

See how it works and if there are still problems, come back here and we’ll try to work them out.