Help with pattern adjustments

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Before I say another word, here’s the pattern.

My boss wants a tea cozy for her teapot. I found a great pattern for it, called a Tea Mitten. I think I’ve made posts about this pattern before, but this is a whole new dilemma.

Her teapot is very odd as the spout comes straight up from the top, while the pattern is written to create a gusset at the side.

ForLife Wholeleaf Teapot.

I need help figuring out what changes I need to make for both the split for the handle and what gusset (a tiny one, as you can see) I need to do for the spout.

I did some measurements to help with this.

[B]Teapot Height[/B] - 4.5 inches
[B]Start of spout[/B] - 3.75 inches from bottom
[B]Start of Handle[/B] - 1.5 inches from the bottom.

The problem for me is mostly Midsection A, as I can’t tell which is for the split and which is for the gusset.

I’m not sure how complicated this question is, but any guidance would be great!

Since the whole thing is knit flat, then button’s around the teapot, the ends are where the buttons/buton holes will go around the handle. (Actually, the bottom is circular, then switches to flat.)

The center, where the PMs (place maker) and the M1 increases are is for the gusset/spout. This is the part you can leave out, at least till your close to the top. You might want to have your increase stitches more often, maybe every row for 3-4 rows, since your spout is so short and extends quickly from the side of the teapot.

I looked around a bit and found this pattern for a teapot is similar to the one you are knitting for:

You’re positively wonderful! That pattern is perfect! No need to make the gusset and saves me a ton of headaches.

Seriously, if I could hug you, I would! :woot: