Help with patter - Sequioa

hey all long time no speak hope all is well

anyhow im making my first garment - for me and i kinda need help understanding what could probably be really easy to understand but its not registering with my stupid brain

Pattern is Sequoia

im on row 37 and im just not understanding what it means: Rows 37 – 39: Repeat rows 21 – 23 (that part i get). Note: From this point on work all stitches until the 2nd marker. um…what???

For some reason, your link is not taking me anywhere. There are several “Sequoia” patterns listed so I don’t know which one you are referring to.

its by Alegria DaSilva ive posted the link again just in case

Well, I’m puzzled by the Note also. I don’t see what else you would do except “work the sts until the 2nd marker” and then continue with the row. All I can think is that there is no shaping to these rows. The next shaping is on row 40.
It might be worth an email to the designer to see if she can clarify but I’d just keep going with the pattern on the following rows.