Help with Patt2tog

I’m a new knitter and I need help. I’m making a baby sweater and shaping the rt front next. The next row says : Patt2tog (neck edge), patt2tog to end. How do I do this when my next row is K1, yfwd, k2togtbl, k1. The pattern is James C Brett JB033.

Here’s a pattern link if someone needs it to help.

Thanks, Jan.
Are you close to the end of the front, up at the shoulder? Does the pattern say anything about continuing in pattern and ending with a row X before the shaping?

Does this help?

I’m thinking that if you’re close to the end of the front, in other words at the shoulder, you don’t have to worry about the pattern. Just work 2tog along the row.
Can you tell us what the next row is after the directions that you quoted?

It’s the first row for shaping the neck. I thought maybe if I just did
another row I could just k2tog on the purl row but then this decreases on
the wrong side and doesn’t shape the neck.

Why not k2tog across the row on the knit row? That’ll give you the decrease at the neck edge and make the decreases along the row.

Are you saying I can k2tog anywhere along the row and this will shape the
neck edge? It is quite a intricate pattern and if I alter it part way
through the row it will throw the pattern off. Perhaps I could purl 2
together on the end of the purl row instead of the beginning of the row. Do
you know if this would work even if they want me decreasing on the knit row?

From your first post:
Patt2tog (neck edge), patt2tog to end.
Pattern 2tog means that you would knit or purl 2sts together.
Pattern 2tog to the end means to knit or purl 2sts together along the entire row.
If this doesn’t make sense for the first row of neck shaping then possibly there is an error in the pattern. Usually on the first row of neck shaping you decrease at the neck edge once maybe twice but not across the row. Decreasing across the row sounds more like the last row of the shoulder.
Can you quote the neck shaping section of the pattern for us (not the whole pattern, that causes copyright problems).

ETA: Are you making the V neck? It may be that the decreases are every so many rows only at the neck edge rather than across the row. There’s only one project on Ravelry so it’s difficult to tell about errors.