Help with owl cozy pattern please

hi there new here. I am trying to make an owl coffee cup cozy and i’m following a chart and in a bit confused. I’m at the part in the pattern where im making cables to form the owl. I haven’t done this in so long. I know what CF and CB mean but i am unsure of what C means. the pattern chart states this.


What are the C’s. On the chart the knit ST’s are blank spaces so im not sure what i am supposed to do here. Any and all help is appreciated.

Always post a pattern name and link if possible please. There are multiple owl cup cozies so we need more info to be sure of an answer for your pattern. Don’t post the pattern itself here.

Here’s a bunch. cup cozy

this is the link

Huh. Honestly I’m not sure what the “c” means. I’ve never seen any pattern written like that. Hopefully someone else will know.

do you think it may mean cross like cross in front of the CF knit then pick up the cf and knit them. same for Back ones. thats the only thing i can think.

This is the owl cup cozy pattern I have bookmarked in my favorites. The owl looks pretty much the same, but they don’t use the “c” in the pattern. I think maybe what your pattern designer means is to just knit within the cable so you have that “body” look to the owl. I don’t think there’s any difference otherwise.

thank you . thats what im gonna go with and if it turns out right ill post back just incase someone else has the same issue .lol.

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Yes, as Jan said, knit the “c” sts.

The abbreviation gives it to you:
cf - Cable Forward, place stitches on cable needle and hold in front while knitting two “c” stitches, then knit two stitches from cable needle.