Help with or finding pattern

I have 1 50g ball of jumbo merino and 2 50 g balls of worsted weight merino and would like to make my 2 year old granddaughter some mittens.
can i make the cuff with the jumbo merino and if so do I just use a smaller size needle or cast on fewer stitches just want to adapt a simple 4 needle mitten pattern
thanks for the help

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, as long as you get the same gauge with both yarns. :shrug:

i would think you could knit her mittens with the worsted and then crochet the jumbo on after as a cuff… would be super cute and you wouldn’t have to switch knitting needles to makech gauge…but if you want to knit it all you’d have to use smaller size with the jumbo to match gauge… be sure to gauge swatch first to get a best match in gauge too
good luck! :blooby:

:muah: thank you , I never thought of adding the crochet cuff, I think I will do a guage swatch with both yarns, if I can’t get it close enough than I will add the cuff after with the jumbo by crocheting.
It’s just that these 2 yarns have the exact same color patterns so I knew they would look great together, but I just could’nt figure out how I was going to make the mittens with both, I knew you guys would come up with something brilliant
thanks so much, If I get them figured out I will share how they turn out with you.
Happy Knitting

happy to help! she will be one happy grandaughter!