Help with old pattern

DH’s grandma gave me an old knitting pattern for a baby sweater and bonnet, and I’m having a bit of trouble deciphering it. Please help!!

First, it says I need 4 oz. of 3 ply yarn…umm…how do I figure out how many yards/metres I need. The gauge is 8.5 st. and 10 rows per inch.

Secondly, here are the instructions for the first and third rows:
1st row: K1. *P1. [B]w.o.n.[/B] K2tog. P1. K1. Repeart from 8 to end of row.
3rd row: K1. * P1. K2tog. [B]w.r.n.[/B] P1.K1. Repeat from * to end of row.

So my problems with this are the w.o.n. and the w.r.n., which I know from the glossary mean “work over needle” and “work round needle”, but how do I do these things? Is one of them just a yarn over? If so, what’s the other one???

They actually mean wool over needle. Which is a british term for all yarn, so they’re both YOs; the difference between them is that one is p, yo, k and the other is k, yo, p.

As for 3 ply yarn, I think that’s fingering or sportweight - look for something that will get about the same gauge on the same size needles, about 8 sts/inch.

The won and wrn are yarn overs–wool over needle, wool round needle. I’m sure it has to do with the fact that the yos are between knits to purls and purls to knits.

As for the amount of yarn, that yarn sounds very thin, so I’d go with a 4 oz of fingering weight, I guess. (Knowing me, I’d probably buy double that just to be sure. This is why I have so much yarn stacked up.:teehee:)

Thanks, ladies! If you’re in the mood to answer [I]another[/I] question for me, I would really appreciate it!

So, going back to the instructions for the first and third rows, it says “Keeping continuity of pattern dec. 1 st. each end of needle every row to 70 sts. on needle.” So, would I just k2tog. or p2tog. at the beginning and end of each row? Which one should I do, since the first stitch of each row is always k, but the second stitch is p.???

If it’s going to be in a seam it probably doesn’t matter. Do which you think looks better to you.

Good point!! Thank you!! :muah:

You may also sometimes see yf or wool forward, which means bring the wool from back to front as you do between a k and a p. If this is done between 2 k stitches it generally means a yo. 3 ply nowadays is a touch lighter than fingering, but heavier than laceweight. Say a light fingering… but use whatever you think will make the right fabric at the specified tension.