Help with old pattern instructions

I’m trying to figure out what this term means. It makes no sense (at least it seems so…) To actually turn the work and work back. It’s just very confusing to me. Any help in deciphering will be greatly appreciated😊

Maybe this one or a similar pattern?

These are short rows which are added to shape the sweater. They do seem to be placed a bit low on the front. I would expect them higher at the bust. Newer patterns use a method of working short rows which disguises the small holes created at the turn such as wrap & turn or German short rows.
Are the instructions for the back similar?


:thinking: I think this short row shaping is to curve the cast on hem like a shirt tail.
Or it may be too create vee notches at the side seams.


This is what it supposed to look like l. The back shoulder is worked the same. Thanks for you help!

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Let us know how it goes and please post a photo when you finish. It’s a lovely, soft design.

Thanks so much!!! I looked up a video of German short rows and it’s really quite simple. Thank you again for clarifying this😊

I do have one more question though- what do the highlighted instructions mean? What exactly do I need to do? It’s supposed to be kind of lacey.

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Have you already made the frill for the sleeves or is this the first frill you are doing for this top?
If you have done the sleeves frill then it is the same repeat pattern across as that.

The row begins and ends with a knit 1.
The instruction between the asterisk is repeated right across the row.
Instructions inside brackets are repeated (all of what appears in brackets) the number of times given outside the brackets. For example (k2tog) twice means k2tog, k2tog.
The full repeat between the asterisk is:

K2tog, k2tog,
Yarn forward, k1, yarn forward, k1, yarn forward, k1, yarn forward, k1,
K2tog, k2tog

Then repeat all of that again and again until there is only 1 stitch keft. Knit.

The wl fwd means wool forward or often called a
Yarn forward, bring the yarn from back to front between the needles as though to purl but do not purl, instead take the yarn over the top of the right needle and perform the following Knit stitch. The yarn forward creates a new stitch. In this pattern the stitch count doesn’t change across the row as you have 4 inc and 4 dec in each repeat. Meaning you can check your stitch count at the end of the row.

I hope this helps.

That’s super helpful. I did not do the sleeve frill yet, and yes, I can see it’s the same. You really helped me on this.
Thanks bunches😊

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You’re very welcome. Glad to be able to help here and there.

Do ask if you get stuck again.