Help with Nicky Epstein's Layered Ruffle Bag from Knitting on the Edge

Hi all-
I’ve started the layered ruffle bag…knit the first part of the bag, put it aside, knit the first ruffle. Joined the ruffle to the bag. Now what do I do? It says repeat between the stars. Well, that says to cast on 49 stitches for the bottom edge of the bag, then knit for 1 1/2 inches. Do I really cast onto a different needle and start all over??
I don’t get it!
I would appreciate any help from people who have knit this bag.
Thanks so much!

Dear Jen -

I have never knitted this bag, but it would appear that the stars go from the cast of 49 stitches all the way to the join using the 3 needle join, and that it equals one ruffle. Then it says to repeat 3 more times for 4 ruffles. Since it looks like each ruffle is the same, you do need to start all over. Sorry!

thanks for your response…now my next question is…how do I join all the ruffles together to form the bag?
I’m such a novice…
thanks again

It looks like you do a 3 needle join, which is probably why the pattern calls for so many needles. Here is a good tutorial for that particular join, it the same as the 3 needle bind off: