Help with new pattern and yarn

I found a new pattern to make a multicolored shawl and bought the thread that is recommended.
Now looking at the yarn and the picture of the shawl on the book, I am not sure how I can get the same color effect (orange, yellow edge, etc…) as on the picture of the shawl. Do I need to reorganize the thread in smaller balls and by color? On my ball, blue is the color that comes first. Thank you for your help !

Can you work out which part of the shawl the pattern starts on? Bottom edge or top? If it’s the bottom edge, I think I’d use the yarn from the centre of the cake first, if it’s the other edge, use the yarn from the outside. It should work out similarly, that way.

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I think it starts at the bottom of the shawl. I only have to knit 3 stitches at first and then increase it by 2 stitches every 2 rows. When I get 369 stitches I have to cast off. Long way to go at the moment :smile:

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I’m guessing here, but does this pattern also include the head band? It looks like the head band is made with the centre colour of your yarn.
If so then perhaps the designer used the yarn from the centre but made the head band first, then finishing the head band at the end of this colour you begin the shawl with the yellow edge.
If you want the yellow edge for sure but don’t want the head band you could pull the yarn from the centre but wind into a ball the first colour and save it for another project. Cut that colour ball off and begin with yellow.


Yes, you are right there. The headband is made with the remaining of the yarn so the middle of the ball purple/pink. Thank you!


In the end, I have decided to knit the headband first but I am wondering if there could be a mistake on this patter as it says, using 4mm needles, to cast on 40 stitches and work in circle. This makes a really small circle… what are your thoughts on this? Thank you !

Could it be for the little crossover detail at the front?
Have you read on in the pattern to look for increases. Sometimes reading on can cause confusion that makes more sense with the work on the needles, but sometimes it helps clear up a confusion.


You’re going to be knitting the length of this headband as a tube. It’s garter stitch starting with 40sts joined to knit a tube then the tube is knit around the head for a comfortable circumference. The twist is formed on one side.
It’ll look like this where the 40sts is the circumference of the tube rather than the size around your head. That will make a very warm headband which is doubled in thickness.


Thank you for your answers, it is very helpful :+1: yes I see it now, it is going to be a tube and the headband will have 2 layers. I just have to get going now, first time I am using 4 needles as all my cable needles are too long :blush: thanks again for your help!!!


The colors looked so familiar to me. I have a pattern called “Caron have it both ways knit shawl” using Caron ripple cakes. I’ve tried twice to get started but can’t do it yet. Only been knitting since Jan 2021 and just can’t seem to get the hang of switching colors. So I’ve moved on to other things in the meantime. I’ll just keep returning to give it another go. I am certain at some point that I’ll finally get it. But I did do another triangle scarf that I wanted to change which color to be at the neck so I just unwound till I got to that section. I had plenty of yarn so that didn’t become an issue.


Oh, good. It’s going to lovely and the technique is quite nice. It’ll be fun for us to see your project when you finish.
Just so you know, there is a way to use a long cable needle for small circular knitting: magic loop.


I have tried on cable needles but the smallest cable I have is a 40cm so a bit tricky for me. I have also tried with a set of 5 double pointed needles but found some irregularities in my knitting. Is it a common problem when you start learning this technique? Thank you!

It’s very common to have problems with tension at the change between needles when you’re working with dpns. Here are some suggestions and a video that may help.

These tips help and practice makes it all look better. You’re going to have a bit of a jog at the changeover from the knit round to the purl round when knitting garter stitch in the round. You can either place this changeover on the inside of the headband or use a technique to disguise the jog.



I am finally getting to the middle of the bow. I have managed to sort out the laddering effect using a set of 3 small circular needles.

The pattern tells me now to:

1 - knit the stitches on the 1st needle

2 - place the stitches on the 2nd needle at the back of the work

and knit the stitches on the 3rd needle first

3- then knit the stitches of the 2nd needle, while pulling firmly on the yarn after the 2nd and 3rd needle to avoid any holes forming

4 - to knit the stitches on the 4th needle

I understand I will have to use 4 needles now with 10 stitches on each however I am unsure about the whole process as I have never done it before. Is there any online tutorial you could recommend?

I am enclosing some pictures of my work so far.

Thank you so very much for your help!


Your knitting looks lovely and even. This next section is like a cable cross to the right on the middle 20sts (the stitches on needles 2 and 3. Because it’s crossing 10sts over 10sts it may be a little awkward but don’t worry about pulling to tightly. There is going to be a kind of hole because you’re knitting the sts on 3rd needle before the sts on the 2nd needle (you’re knitting the sts out of order).

You don’t necessarily have to move your sts to 4th needle although it may be easier to think of the sts divided that way. You can use a smaller size needle as a cable needle as shown here or your 4th needle.

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Thank you, this is really helpful :+1:

I have finished knitting the headband now and just started off the shawl.
At first, I thought I was working from the point (or bottom) of the shawl to the top as I started off only with 3 stitches and then worked on the increases but I am unsure now.
Because of this, I am now wondering if I started my yarn the right way… I started knitting with the yellow and pink yarn but I am now wondering if I should have started with the blue yarn instead.
I am knitting on circular needles which may be the reason I am confused too…
The knitting instructions are as follows:
Cast on 3 stitches
R1: knit the 3 stitches
R2: increase with one stitch in after the 1st an 2nd stitch. (5 stitches )
R3: knit 1, increase next stitch with K1 and 1 twisted knit, yarn over, increase next stitch with K1 and 1 twisted knit, K1 (7 stitches)
R4: knit
R5: repeat increase
And so on until 369 stitches on the needle.
I am sending some pictures of the shawl and of my work so far.
Thank you for your help!


This is a typical top down shawl. It starts with a few sts and increases at each end of the row with additional increases (usually yarn overs) on either side of a central stitch. The bind off will be along the two sides with the point in the middle of the bind off. As you have it now the peach color yarn will be near your face and the blue yarn at the ending point.
Your knitting looks beautiful, lovely and even.


Thank you so very much for this!

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