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Hello everyone. I have a question to ask. I’m very new to knitting. In fact I have never picked up a pair of knitting needles before and today I have decided to start knitting and I’m curious as to what size needle I should use. A friend of mine said bamboo with the cord should be easy to start with. But I’m not sure. I found a pair of bamboo ones that are 60" size 10 6.5 mm but I’m not sure if that’s what I want. Any advice would be great. Thank you for reading.

Hi. Welcome to the world of knitting and Knitting Help! You’re starting with a circular needle, that’s great. You can use it to knit back and forth for flat and then you can use it to knit in the round and make tubes which are very useful for many things. Bamboo would be good to start with, people who teach have said it helps you get off to a good start. I think the 60" might be longer than you want for a first needle. Are you buying at a local store or on line? The options you have available might be different depending on where you’re buying. Oh, yes, we always want more info so we can help you the best we’re able.

I’m going to buy them online. I’m a broke college student and I’m on a budget. I found them on a site called listia. I crochet also and I love that I just feel I should try to do something different. I just want to learn how to do a basic knitting.

Since you’re a broke college student and I’m sure your budget isn’t generous, I think that if there is a local store you can buy at you might want to go look. By the time you pay shipping, you might be paying more than you have to. Circulars are great but if you want to start with something cheap there is nothing wrong with straight needles. I wouldn’t go with 60"ers for starting, that’s way too much cable to mess with. I don’t think our WalMart carries bamboo needles, stores like Michael’s, JoAnn, Hobby Lobby, or Ben Franklin will.

Thank you so much for helping me out. As you can clearly tell I’m so clueless. What size needle do you think I should use? I’m just trying to learn the basic.

Hi and welcome!
Size 8 needles are good ones to start with. Not so big that they’re difficult to handle and not too tiny either. About a 40" cable is good too. You can use it for lots of projects and techniques and as GG said, it’s not so much cable that it gets in the way. Take a look at some of the videos here for the basic steps and tips for Getting Started.

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Thank you so much.

A 60" cord is way too long for a lot of things or until you get more experienced and can use it with advanced techniques. A 29/30" or 32" is a good length that can be used in a lot of ways - for knitting flat, doing a sweater in the round, a smallish blanket or throw, and even for making a hat or mittens. Yes, look around at the local craft/fabric stores and even walmart; a size 10 is a good one to use with medium weight yarn and to learn on. The yarn may say to use an 8, but with a bigger needle the stitches are larger and easier to see and work.

That’s very good to know. Thank you for your help. How about size 11 9mm needle?

Thank you so much. That is great advice. How about a size 11 8mm 9 inch needle?

Very short needles are difficult to knit with and you can only do socks (though a size 11 would be too large) or tiny hats with them. A medium size 24 to 32 inch needle will be the best to learn on and more versatile. Don’t order online, go to a store and take a look.

Alright thank you so much. This helps so much.

I learned on straight U.S. size 10 plastic needles. They say 6 mm but as they are Boye’s I’m not sure I trust that, but it’s probably accurate. They aren’t great needles, they are inexpensive and the plastic, like bamboo, will help keep the stitches on the needle when you want them there, bamboo will do it better.

If you are looking at needles online, maybe you could link to them and then we could see what the price is, could you do better somewhere else, etc.

It’s great that you’re asking before you buy small needles and heavy yarn and can’t get it to come out right.

I think she’s right to go with circulars, they seem to be easier to learn on. But not 60" or 9"…

Try your local craft store instead of on-line shopping.

Michael’s and Joann’s have weekly coupons for up to 40% off regular priced mdse.

Yep, coupons are good. I think Joann is having a 25% off sale now, so you can’t use the 40% coupon, but I think there’s a 15 or 20% off the total purchase which includes sale items. So a neeld for $7, with 25% off plus the 15% off is about $4.50.

My 20% off the total at JoAnn coupon was good on Feb. 8 & 9. :frowning:

I think they have another one this week…

Ahhh yes, rummaging around the flyers I have laying around, one that I picked up instore last week has a 15% off Feb 15-18, can probably find it at their website too, and a site called dealsplus

Yup, I see mine now.

You can use Joann’s coupons at Michaels too.

Actually they both take competitors’ coupons.