Help with neckband

I´m almost finished with this pullover
and I´m not sure how to finish the neckband. It says to “bind off - so that the edge will roll nicely, K2 sts n approx every 5th st at the same time as binding off”

So, do I K2tog as I´m binding off? I¨m not sure what to do.


That’s really pretty!
I don’t think it says to K2tog. It appears that they want you to add a stitch during the bind off process, every fifth stitch. Perhaps bind off 4, make 1 in the 5th stitch and bind those off , bind off 4, repeat between * *.

Good luck, and let me know how it works out!

Yes, sounds like you should add an extra stitch about every 5th st so your edge will be very loose and roll a little.

Okie Dokie - I¨ll give it a shot. Thanks!!!