Help with neck shaping Please !!

Once again I have hit a learning opportunity for this pattern. For the neck shaping it reads, On RS bind off 4 sts. Continue to bind off at neck edge 2 st twice. (3 times, 3 times) and one stitch at neck edge 3 times (twice, twice). Thank you so much for your help Dee

I like your thinking!
Remind me which size you’re making?

Thank you, size 2. Dee

OK, The pattern says to bind off 4sts at the beginning of a RS row for the neck but since this is the left front (as you wear it), it should read “bind off at the beginning of a WS row”.
Then on the next WS row, bind off 2sts and finish the row. Repeat the bind off on the next 2 WS rows (3 times total).
Following these decreases, on the next WS row bind off one stitch at the beg of the row and repeat this once more on the next WS row (2sts bound off altogether).
In total you’ll bind off 12sts which will take you from 33 sts to 21sts.

thank you so much !!! You have been so helpful Dee