Help with neck shaping on tank top

I am making this tank top:

and I am confused about the neck shaping for the front side. These are the directions for the front:

Work same as for back until 117 rows of Cable Pat have been completed, end on Row 7 of Cable Pat. Armholes should measure 21/4”.
Right Side
Row 1 (WS): Work 31(35-39) sts in pat as established, SSK, p 2, k 2, p 3, sl remaining 40(44-48) sts onto holder for Left Side.
Row 2 (RS): K 3, p 2, k 2, p 2 tog TBL, work to end. Continue to dec in this manner EVERY row 6 times more, every other row 8 times, then every 4th row 4 times. AT THE SAME TIME, when armhole measures 7(7-71/2)”, shape shoulder same as for back.
Left Side: Work to correspond with Right Side, working neck decs as k 2 tog on WS rows and p 2 tog on RS rows.

I am at row 2, and I’m not sure about the bolded part. Does it mean decrease on every RS row 6 times or every row, meaning RS and WS 6 more times? It seems like it means RS rows, but what am I supposed to do on the WS rows, which would be the shoulder side? I know I need to work the shoulder shaping after 7-1/2" like for the back. For the left side, it says to work the neck decreases as k2tog on the WS and p2 tog on the RS. What on earth am I missing???

In row 1 you have an ssk decrease, and in row 2 you have the p2tog decrease, so you would do the decrease on each side for the 6 rows. When you get to the every other row directions, then do whichever one is suitable for that row.

Ahhh, and it begins to make sense. My brain was trying to get to that point, but just needed a little nudge. Thanks Ingrid!!