Help with neck shaping in sweater pattern

I am so confused!! :cry: I am working on a V-neck pull over sweater and have finished the back, and sleeves but am totally stuck at the V-shaping part of the front. The pattern states: both sides of the neck are worked at the same time, using separate yarn for EACH side.

I tried working both sides (adding a new skein and two more needles on the opposite side - just mirror imaging), but when I had to “turn” my work and follow the pattern for the other side, my needles were turned around and it just didn’t work the way it was supposed to!! :?

The actual pattern reads:

Row 1 (decrease row): K25{28-31}, K2 tog TURN; add on 3 sts LOOSELY TURN; with second yarn, K3, SSK, knit across: 29{32-35} sts EACH side.

Row 2: Purl across tow within 3 sts of neck edge, K3; with second yarn, K3, purl across.

Row 3 (decrease row): Knit across to within 5 sts of neck edge, K2 tog, K3; with second yarn, K3, SSK, knit across: 28{31-34} sts EACH side.

Row 4 thru 15{15-17}: repeat rows 2 and 3, 6{6-7} times: 22{25-27} sts EACH side.

Work even until front measures same as back to shoulder shaping, ending by working a purl side row.

How do you accomplish working both sides at the same time???

Tara :lol:

Well, you don’t need to use separate needles, just separate balls of yarn.

Work the pattern as specified, but when you are working on the right side of the neck, work from one ball of yarn, when working on the left side of the neck, work from a second ball of yarn. I think you may actually be overthinking it a bit.

Let’s say you have to knit 12 stitches on one side of a v-neck then 12 stitches on the other side. You have your yarn attached to the first side, knit across the 12 stitches, then drop the yarn you’ve been useing. To start the other side of the neck, pick up the other yarn and knit across those twelve stitches. Now both sides of the neck have been worked and the yarn is hanging down off the left side of both sides of the neck.

Turn your work, and start working the side you just finished. Work to the end of that section, drop your yarn, pick up the yarn for the other side and work across that remainder of the stitches.

Does that help?


Thanks for posting the reply! I think I know what your saying; since I haven’t done this before, I just have this vision in my head of getting the two balls of yarn all tangled up! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to give it a go, and see what happens. Thanks again for the help.