Help with neck opening

I was just finishing up the Berry Shirt, and decided to try it on my daughter…and her head doesn’t fit. Grrr. This often happens, and I made the opening bigger than called for in the pattern. It said to decrease to 60, do 2 rounds of garter st and BO, but I only decreased to 68 - decrease of 8 per decrease round.

I’m going back to a st count of 76 and am just wondering if I should add more rounds of garter st to make up the height, or if it will look strange. I’m also toying with the idea of decreasing to 68 or 60, but NOT knitting in the round…go back and forth from the 76 st round and leave a little gap on the side??

You could do either one. It could be that your BO is tight, go up 2 needle sizes for it. Or go back to 76 sts and add a few more rows to bring up the neckline a little.

I might try going up 2 needle sizes just to see. My precious little one has a big head (takes after her momma) so I’m always careful to bind off loosely and it seems it was stretching very well, but…I put a lifeline so I can try different things and see which is best.

I have to make it bigger to fit over her head…but then when it sits at her neck, it seems to always gape, although it doesn’t show so bad on her Strawberry sweater.

I also had this problem. I was so excited to have my son try on my first attempt at a sweater vest and then the first photo is what I ended up seeing! My giant-headed little buddy, how I love him. :teehee:
Since I’m a pretty new knitter and this was my first sweater, I wasn’t sure what to do. I ended up undoing some of the left shoulder seam and adding a loop and button. It works fine (FO on the little man in the second photo), although I’ve decided the button is too big. Looks like a chip on his shoulder!
Next time I’ll know to [I]head off[/I] the problem! :wink: