HELP with "My So-Called Scarf"

Hello everyone,

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Any help would be greatly appreciated! =)

Hi everyone,

Looks like this is a pretty old thread! I found this pattern also from the same website and came to this message board for help. I’m new to knitting, but I think I understand what to do, but for some reason my scarf is starting off looking a lot different than I had pictured. To be extra clear, here are the steps I took:

CO 30 stitches
Row 1: K1, SL1, K1, PSSO onto left needle, K1 into back of passed over stitch, SL1, K1, PSSO onto left needle … until last stitch, K1

Row 2: P2TOG, do not slip stitches off, P first stitch, slip off the first 2 purled together stitches, repeat

I’m using Manos wool and US9 needles. I’ve been knitting the stitches semi-tight to make the stitches easier to knit. Should I be making the stitches really loose to make it easier? Or should I try larger needles? Also, I’m finding it super hard to stay consistent. What should I do? Any advice would be great! Thanks in advance! =)

well a picture of what you are seeing in your work would be helpful if you can. but the one thing i would say is that if you are consciously trying to knit tight or loose your work is definitely not going to be consistent. i would just make sure you are knitting naturally!

Here is another discussion about this scarf that may help.

Hi. I made that scarf and it is my favorite! I had a lot of trouble getting it going. Keep at it, even if you have to start over a few times like I did!! It will be worth the effort.

I found that I could not watch TV, talk, drink a glass of wine, … while working on that stitch. By the time you are near the end of the scarf you might be able to turn the TV back on. The other thing is that I had to count the stitches every row (At least I should have counted everyrow and saved myself a lot of unknitting–it became a battle of wills and the yarn and sticks usually won.) Also, I found the stitch impossible to reinsert the needles after taking the needles out to frog mistakes. After a while, I learned how to unknit the stitch and that helped. (I should have counted stitches!!!) I found that the stitches were a bit tight anyway so I wouldn’t overtighten them.

I hope I haven’t dampened your enthusiasm for the project. It was well worth all the learning, afterall it is my favorite scarf. After starting over about 5-6 times I finally got it. Soon, you will get the rhythm.

Here is a photo of my prize!

i cant get my edges that neat. how do you do that? do you slip that first knit stitch or what?

im using US11’s and I love the way it looks with the yarn. if youre a super tight knitter, try 11’s or even 13’s and see how they work out for you. the manos variagated is jsut utterly gorgeous. im already getting lots of compliments on my scarf (i take it to work to knit during breaks)

Yes, I would change to #11 needles. The pattern is made in Manos and it calls for size 11s. I think 9s would be to tight. The stitch pattern overall does seem a bit roomy as you work it but it will be okay, you’ll see!

I’ve been looking for a pattern for some Noro I have & this looks perfect!

Yours came out beautifully!!

Thanks :blush: