Help with my ripple

I’ve been trying for years to figure out how to ripple, just the simple pattern, and it doesn’t matter what I do, even had my Grandma watch me, one end always ends up short and the other end is long. my ripple sides of the afghan are always slanted, never straight like when I knit. Any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong?

Are you trying to do a SC ripple or a DC ripple?

I allways sc or dc in next 2 st skip 1 ch then go on with the pattern.This gives you a strait edge.

these 3 here are great for learners

SC ripples

DC ripples

round ripple

either, single or double would be fine, I’d just tried single. I can’t wait to try skipping one stitch, is that just on the first row or every row?

Yes you do it on every row and always make sure you count up and down and that your st count is the same.

Im getting ready to start one using this Pattern and done in purples for my DD so if you need eny more help just yell,I have made so many of the ripples that i don’t really even need a pattern eny more but it helps with color placement,im not the greatest at teaching but i can try.

thanks, I think I’ll start that one too. I’m using baby yarn, so hopefully it wont be sooooooo big. I’ll start with either green or white and then in 2 weeks when (hopefully) we can see girl or boy then I’ll add in some blue or pink or purple. Thanks so much for your help-I’m sure I’ll be asking more as I get into it. I hope I can do it, I’ve tried off and on for years, and never heard to skip any except when you’re making the valley.

Thats great…i will have someone to work on it with.

To make it smaller for a baby just make it as big as you want on the frist row,always end on a down slope plus your skip 1 sc, sc in next 2 and leave the other chains unworked…they can be undone later.

Congrats on the baby!!

I think whenthey have you chain one and then turn and sc in the next 2 stitches they forget to tell you to sk 1 then sc in the next 2 and then they do tell you to skip the next one. I guess I didn’t think about it but you would normally skip that first ch that was your ch 1 on the last row…anyway now things seem to be working! thank you soooooooooo much for your help!

thanks, this is baby #3. I never thought about that…o well already 3 rows into it and I think it will be fine. Hope to have another girl, it’s so much easier to find girly yarn than pretty boyish yarn unless you stay with blue and green. glad to have someone working on a project with me too. my first crochet a long, cal.

I have 4 kids and i have the most fun crocheting for my DD because there are so many pretty colors out there for girls.I have 3 boys and one girl so you can guess who gets the most :rollseyes:

Im up to row 11 now so its going pretty fast :happydance:

How are you doing??

I’m on row 6 now, my kids are probably much younger than yours, I only get to do it during nap time. My ds is 3 my dd is 15 months and then I watch a little girl that’s 9 months old, so my hands are really busy while they’re awake. Not sure how many rows I want to do in green before I switch to white b/c then after the white I want to do either pink or blue or purple and then go back to white and then green and repeat…any ideas how many rows seem to look good? I wont find out the sex (hopefully) till the 5th, so I’m pacing myself. I would go ahead and buy blue and pink and then I thought my hubby would have a cow if our boy had pink in his blanket…guess I’ll just have to be paitient. What yarn are you using? I’m using the bernat baby coordinates, probably not the easiest yarn to crochet with b/c it’s ripply or crinkly whatever you want to call it. Like Lion Brands homespun. But it’s what I had on hand.

have you played with the stripe generator?

you pick your colors, how many rows etc, and it randomly generates stripe placement. Its fun to use! (I’ve wasted much time with it…)

what a cool thing, thanks.

My youngest is 12 so i have alot more freedom now then i did…my 3 oldest are all married now and i have 5 grandbabies and one on the way(a girl).Im still on row 11 becouse ive been working on my knitting today(its getting better the more i do).Ive allso got a round ripple to make for a wedding gift so i need to start on that to.

Thanks,that is really cool…cant wait to try it.

how’s it comming? I’m about 20 rows or so in now-been busy doing other stuff

Sorry i was out of town for a few days.I havent had a chance to work on mine in a few days…im on row 16 and i hope to get more done today…i have a wedding one i need to make also(round) and i need to get started on that so i may have to set this one aside for alittle bit.Hows yours coming??

like you I’ve been busy, mostly with household stuff (ick) but I believe I’m on row 28? boy that sounds like a lot, hang on… I just finished row 22 (I’m not counting the chain as a row). I’m doing 8 rows of each color (just boring green and white) and have thought about adding a ‘gender’ color in the middle if the baby cooperates and we can tell what he/she is on the 5th. What do you think of that idea? would you just leave it the 2 colors? I’ve only ever done single color blankets (or anything) for that matter, not sure what would look good. I’m thinking it’s a girl…but we’ll just have to wait and see.

cant do this either
pattern is very good
i am going to try this
by the way
i read your post as help with my nipple
had a good laugh
and got great pattern to boot

that’s pretty funny, nipple problems will probably be after the baby is born. lol.
btw I’m still on row 28, been busy with other things :frowning: