Help with my first tricky project

Hi everyone I’m hoping someone can help me! I’ve taken up knitting since Christmas and love it! I’ve started with hats and scarves but wanted to try something more challenging with the above pattern. I ordered the wool and got all excited, started my tension square but am completely befuddled with the K2tog and slipped stitch instructions as this will slowly decrease the width of the garment to make a triangle and this feels completely wrong looking at the picture…

Can anyone help me?!

Thanks in advance


Hi Kay and welcome!
The design is lovely and it involves some lacy yarn overs (yfwd or yarn forward) as well as decreases. The yarn overs will add a stitch and compensate for the decreases. The project should then stay rectangular.

I’ve posted a link to the top below. It would be best if you would please delete the photo of the pattern from your post. We get into copyright problems if we publish substantial portions of patterns.