HELP with my afghan

I just learned how to knit. I can cast on, and do the general knit. I have made 2 scarves and would like to try to make a blanket, (afghan) however I just don’t understand how you get the length and width. When I knit the scarves I stayed working on the needles and I know with the size of the blanket all the work won’t be done in one small line like a scarf. Please help me!!!

You can knit an afghan using a circular needle, which is two knitting needle “ends” connected by a cable (they come in a variety of sizes). Circular needles are used for knitting in the round (making a tube), but they can also be used to knit back and forth. You just turn the needle back the other way when you reach the end of your row.

I am so foreign to all the official terms and I thought I could knit an afghan using the two regular knitting needles I have or maybe just buy another size and using the basic stitch. I just don not know how to make anyhting that iswoider than my needle. I know I won’t be able to learn how to knit with circular needles. But I appreciate the input.

If you have been making scarfs, you probably used short needles (about 8" long). You can buy circular needles, as suggested by Marriah, or longer straight needles (14" long, or so). Believe it or not, you can stuff a lot of stitches on a straight needle! Then just cast on the number of stitches that the pattern calls for and go until it’s long enough.

Pick a simple pattern, and good luck!

so…are you saying that I can fit the whole width of an afghan on a 14" needle?

I just got a set of circular needles, and its super easy to knit as though theyre regular straight needles. Just when you`re ready for your next row, turn them around and what was your left needle becomes your right needle and you knit like you normally would.

Or, you could make an afgan by knitting squares or strips on your straight needles, and then just seam them together like you would a quilt.

Yep, what Angie says. If you can knit on two straight needles you can knit on a circular.

Whether or not you can stuff a bunch of stitches on the straights depends on the width of your afghan and how thick your yarn is, but I think it would be really frustrating to do it that way for a couple of reasons:

The knitting will get really heavy as you progress and will be hard on your wrists.

When you have a bunch of stitches on a needle, and you get to the end, it is really easy for them to pop off the needle which is very annoying.

I really encourage you to try with a circular. You can buy them at craft stores and they aren’t very expensive.

so…are you saying that I can fit the whole width of an afghan on a 14" needle?

Probably not unless you make them in panels and sew them together. You can probably only get about 25" of width on the 14" needle and you’ll have to watch constantly to make sure none of them fall off. A circular needle can hold about 3 times it’s width in stitches, so you can easily make a whole afghan on one that’s 29-32" long. They can be used to knit flat, you don’t have to knit in the round with them and then can also be used to make other things later on, like a sweater.