Help with my 1st Project....Baby Blanket...more questions added

[COLOR=“Magenta”]UPDATE: More questions added in the posts below. Please help! Thanks :)[/COLOR]

I have this urge to make my unborn baby girl her first baby blanket :knitting: even though I’ve never knitted anything substantial before. I have made swatches of the different stitches and I am ready for a first project. The only problem is, I have know idea how to go from making a little square with roughly 20 stitches to a bigger project with a casting on of like 60 stitches. Here’s my questions:

  1. How do you fit all of those stitches on a needle???
  2. Can I basically just knit and purl the whole blanket or do I need a pattern?
  3. What size needle and yarn do I get for my first project?

Thanks so much, gals!!!
Tarah :hug:

  1. if it’s too big to fit on a straight needle, you may need to get a circular. It’s two needles connected by a bit of wire, it allows you to get way more stitches on. You use it just the same, when you are done with one row, turn it around and start over!

  2. You don’t need a pattern, you could do garter stitch (knit every row) or stockinette stitch (switch off knitting and purling) to make a nice blanket. A pattern would be a little more advanced, but there are some really easy (and free) ones for beginners

  3. if you find a pattern they will give you a suggestion on what size needles and what yarn you should use, otherwise, feel a bunch of different yarns and read their labels, they will most likely say what size needle. For a baby, I would also recommend finding a washable yarn!

Good Luck! I’m 4mo pg myself and knitting like crazy!

The only way to fit lots of stitches on a needle is to use a circular needle and knit back and forth. The cord of the circ holds the stitches, but the knitting is the same as working on two needles.

You can really do any pattern you like. If you want to go with a blanket in stockinette stitch, you’ll need to work the edges in garter stitch so you don’t end up with a tube.

Knit the first 5 rows or so, then always knit the first and last 5 stitches.

For variety, you could work a basket weave–that’s not difficult. has lots of patterns.

I think I’d go with a machine washable worsted weight so it doesn’t take until your little girl graduates.:teehee:

If your stitch pattern is a multiple (8+2, 6+1, etc) you’ll have to determine how many sts to CO to achieve the pattern at wider widths. You may need to add add’l sts for a border to prevent the edges from curling (depends on your pattern). The size of your yarn and ndl will determine how many sts you can do but few blankets can be done on straight ndls. (You could do strips…like scarves…and sew them together.) Most afghans or blankets, when done full size, are worked on circular ndls so you can work it to full width.

Check, or, for ideas on blankets. Once you find one you like it’ll indicate a recommended ndl sz and yarn weight. You can go from there…


After you’ve decided what yarn you’d like to work with, you probably should still make yourself a 4"X4" gauge swatch with say size US6 needle and see if you like how it lays. If you think it’s too tight, make another swatch with a larger needle size; too loose, use a smaller size. Then use the swatch to determine how many stitches per inch you knit. That will tell you how many stitches you’ll need to CO for however wide you want to make your blanket.

I just finished a simple k7 p7 pattern. It’s real cozy because it scrunches in on itself BUT it really needed a border like cam said. Wish I’d known from the beginning. So, do remember to do a border if your swatch curls or scrunches up.

Using the needle that’s on the label for the gauge is there to determine the yarn weight. It may be too small for a blanket, you want it soft and loose, so I’d suggest you go up a couple sizes.

I’ll have to check out those sites.

beloved, thanks for the advice on making a swatch and the border idea is also great, as cam said.

so, where do I get worsted weight yarn? How do I know it’s worsted weight?

Also, I like using the wooden needles best (I find the metal ones to slippery for me) and I found a pair of bamboo size 10.5. Do you think this would be a good size to pick up for such a project or does it all depend on yarn and pattern?

Sorry so many questions!

Thanks for the instructions on using the garter stitch as a kind of border. Knittingpatterncentral looks great! Thanks for the link. Now all i have to do is figure out where to find worsted weight yarn. :teehee:

One more question, I found this pattern and thought it looked fairly easy to understand. Could I make it on needles larger than 9??? Or would that make the blanket to large/distorted??

You can make it with larger needles. But if you go up a few sizes you might also want to use a bulkier yarn. With larger needles it’ll knit up faster.

The 10.5 needles should be good for a baby blanket. Worsted weight is the majority of yarn available, and usually it will say 4 on the label or have a gauge listed like 20sts/4" on size 8/5mm. Baby yarn is much thinner and you’d need smaller needles or to use 2 strands with the larger one.