Help with Munich Shawl from 1911 Fleisher's Knitting Manual

I started the shawl mentioned above and almost have finished the square Center Section. But it doesn’t say if I should bind off before starting the next section called the Border Insertion. Also, it says to “pick up stitches on two sides of the shawl”, knit the provided instructions and then pick up stiches on the other half. Since it’s a square, then do you pick up on two sides which seems like it would distort the corners. The part that I have knitted looks like the part on the picture that is at the shoulder level. Has anyone knitted this Munich Shawl? I’m so confused, and any help would be appreciated. TIA, Marlene

It looks like you do not bind off your stitches before starting the next section. You pick up stitches along two edges (although there it is rather unclear about how many stitches to pick up :thinking: ) and follow the next set of instructions. It doesn’t tell you to bind off until the end of that section so I say just trust the pattern and it will probably work out. It may seem at first that the center square will be distorted by picking up stitches along two edges at a time, but there are a lot of increases in there and some decreases too so I imagine it would all come out in the end. It seems like a pattern that is very difficult to visualize without actually doing it.

Thank you so much for your reply. I guess that was confusing to me too. It says to pick up stitches on “two sides of the shawl”. If I already have stitches on the needle for one side, then I would only need to pick up stitches for one more side. Because later, it says to “Pick up stitches on the other half”. Maybe I shouldn’t try these older patterns until I get more experience, but I do like the challenge. Guess it will be trial and error or maybe I will luck out. The picture looks like the center piece that I’m knitting is at the top of the shawl (around the neck and shoulders) with no border. Hope I’m not wasting my time and effort and end up frogging the whole thing.

You’re right, I never considered that you’ll already have a side’s worth of stitches on your needle. So I’d say pick up stitches on on more side and you should be ready for the next set of instructions.

I have started the border and it’s looking alright. but I see an upcoming instruction that is also confusing. In old knitting patterns, I thought that “Plain” meant to knit. In this pattern, it has rows of instructions to knit and others to purl but in row 30, it says to “Plain”. Am I missing something? Sorry to keep asking questions, but I’m determined to see if I can work out this pattern. Thanks,

Hmmm, that is an odd instruction. :thinking: Normally if something says to knit the next row “even”, it means to follow the same pattern that you’d been doing, but with no increases or decreases. Does this make sense in this case? That’s how I would interpret it anyway.

As I looked closer as the pattern of the instructions, I am thinking that even tho they used the term “knit” in other rows and the term “Plain” in row 30, Knit would be following a pattern used earlier. So I guess I will knit. “Even” doesn’t seem to apply here. Thanks for helping me think this tho, Knitqueen. I really appreciate your help.

Now, I have completed the center and border and it does look pretty even if I say so myself. Buttttt now, I have started on the Lace portion of the shawl, and I’m confused again. I have casted on the 476 stitches and then it says to follow pattern A of the center instructions but to leave off the last knit 2 of each row. That’s works fine until you get to the last pattern (the last repeat #28 of the pattern A and it ends with an Over on Row 1, 3, 5 and 7th rows. How can you end an row with an Yarn over? I’m thinking about adding one extra cast on stitch and knitting one extra after the last over on the last pattern on these rows. I may have to wait a couple of days if I have to start this 476 cast on again, errrrrrrrrrr. Any suggestions or is there some method to add an Over (YO, I assume) at the very end of an row? Sorry to keep asking questions. I think I will work on some nice small scarfs after I get this done. Thanks, and thanks and thanks!!!

At first I was going to say leave off the yo, but you do have the decreases in the middle to compensate, so you need it.

You can do a yo at the beginning of the next row. Do you think that would work? :thinking:

Thanks, ----- So if if just add an yarnover at the beginning of the purl rows then it should also have the same effect. Right? Since you have to make two of these “Lace” and sew/seam into place around the square center and border, I’m wondering how it will work to seam the sides together with the hole made by the YO. Ingrid, does your experience provide any insights? I’ll be starting the Lace section over again so I could change the pattern. Thanks!

If you want the seam to be lacy, then that would work–it would be easy, too.
My concern with leaving off the yo is the balance of the decreases. I made a shawl that had a yo at the beginning of every row, and it made a nice loopy edge. I crocheted a border into these loops, but I’ve never sewn together anything with an edge like that.

It looks like you’re the pioneer for this one.

I think I will do a 2 pattern repeat trial to see how it works out before I tackle the 28 repeats. I think I might try Knit 1 at the start instead of Knit 2 and added a K1 at the end of the odd rows. Thanks for helping.