Help with multiples

I want to make an afghan but need to increase the stitch count since I don’t want to use big needles (17). It’s Leisure Arts "Big Book of Quick Knit Afghans, pg 12, “Comfy” (basketweave). It looks like the multiple is 8 which is included in (), but when I go to do the math, I can’t figure it out. It has a 12 st border on each edge. I want to use Size 10.5 needles which gives me 3.25 sts per in. and patt calls for 2.25 sts per in. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks:wink: Teresa

Just increase in multiples of 8 sts, the border sts will already be accounted for. Multiply your 3¼" times the width you want to get the approximate number of sts. Then see how many increments of 8 you need from the original CO to get close to that number.

I have this book and I made the same pattern. I used Bernat Satin and a size 7 needle. I made into a big baby blanket.Here is the correct multiple 8 +3. I will give you some hints, 1. Use stitch marker to separate the border stitches from the pattern stitch. 2.Use a row counter that slips on your needle . 3. Never put it down with out finishing the row you are working on. 4.If you have to stop for any reason, take another row counter and slip on the front of your work with the next row number to be knitted. 5. Leave the row counter with the just worked row on the needle. 6. On a couple of rows in to the pattern stitch. you will use on of the border stitches to even up the stitch pattern. Do not worry about it, the pattern was written that way and it really does work. Hope this helps you.

Thanks for the useful tips. Did you by chance knit any of the other patterns in this book? And, did you just use a single strand of worsted yarn? I will be using chunky weight wool and have purchased 1,920 yds hoping I’ll have enough given that I’ll be knitting a tighter gauge than is called for.

I haven’t made any other patterns from the book. I used just one strand of yarn and it turned out just fine. I did cast on more stitches than it said to since my yarn was smaller. My daughter bought 4 balls of the Bernat Satin yarn on clearance at Michaels. I thought that it wasn’t going to be enough so I bought two more balls of it. I used 5 and 3/4 of the last ball.What was left was not enough to make something with so I use it fro practicing pattern stitches of different kinds of stitches.

My daughter used the blanket I made as a baby shower gift and when it was pulled out of its gift bag, my daughter said the family members of the pregnant girl went gaga over the blanket. They thought it was machine made. My daughter told them it was hand knit, she should know she bought most of the yarn. It was a little bigger than a regular baby blanket because the mother wanted one to be big enough to go onto a toddler bed. I hope that the info I gave you helps . Just trust the pattern instructions and it will turn out just fine.