Help with Multiples

Hello all!! I have a question and I’m sure you smart knitters can help me out. I am having a HUGE problem understanding “multiples”. I’ve knit a couple sweaters, too many scarfs and hats, so I’ve done a bit of knitting, but this multiples just has me all confused :frowning: This pattern says multiple of 9 plus 3. How many stitches do I cast on? Thanks so much :slight_smile:

well it would be a multiple of 9…so for example 9x4 is 36 + 3 so you would cast on 39 stitches.

or 9x8=72+3=75 stitches cast on.

basically it just depends on how wide you want your item.

Brendajos, Thank You!!! I see I made a much bigger problem out of it than it actually was :oops: Now it makes sense. I’ve watched Bobbie Groome and Bev Dillion, and although they explained it, I just couldn’t quite grasp what they were saying. I appreciate your quick response, and am glad I found this forum. Thanks again :happydance: