Help with multiples please

I have a pattern that says: cast on 182 sts on a circular needle. Then it says to do 6 rows of 2 different rows. Then the body of the pattern consists of 10 rows, each row beginning and ending with a border of 6 K sts. My question is: how do I figure out the multiple to change the width, as there is only 1 row with any ( ). In other words, I was told to multiply the stitches in the ( ) but there really aren’t any! By the way, the pattern is Bernat Softee Chunky Twists Blanket to Knit. If anyone can help me make this blanket not as wide, I would appreciate it! Thanks so much!

Looks like it may be this pattern. Look at the sts between the *s, that is also another way of showing repeated stitches, more commonly used than (). Looks like it’s a multiple of 10 sts, so decrease the CO number by 10, 20, etc.

Thank you so much! Will try casting on less in a multiple of 10 - does the border matter in this? Does the multiple of 10 include the border?

No, the border sts aren’t repeated, so they’re not counted in the multiple of 10. How much narrower do you want to make it? 10 sts would only be about 3 inches.

PS Yes, that is my pattern!

I would like to make it about 7 repeats or about 10 inches smaller…

7 repeats would be about 21" less, so you’d need to cut down 30 or 40 sts.

Thank you! I will try that today.