Help with multiple increasing

I’m knitting a phildar pattern for a jacket which requires multiple increasing within a border of 2 stitches…

basically the instructions are to knit two stitches on the right hand side of the rs then increase 5 stitches then continue knitting the remaining stitches

The pattern doesn’t suggest an increase method so I basically kfb 5 times but this has caused the piece to pucker so that it won’t sit flat

can anyone suggest a better way to increase mutliple stitches? any help would e appreciated. Thanks

Does it say to increase 5 in a row or does it say to increase ‘evenly spaced’?

Having them all together like that would make anything bunch up, I’d think.

What part of the jacket are you doing this on?

It doesn’t actually specify whether to increase all at once or whether to spread it out.

I’m knitting one of the front pieces and the increasing is what makes it curve around at the bottom.
here’s a picture

if that doesn’t work heres a link to the site

Looking at the picture, it doesn’t appear that you would increase all in one spot. I think that if you increase evenly across the row, you’ll still get the look you’re going for, without the bunching.

I don’t think spreading the increases out over the row will work because then the curve won’t be created and on alternate rows i have to decrease on the other side

one person suggest that I go this…

Knit to last 2 st from end of row. work back and forth this 2 sts for 5 times (K2, turn, P2, turn, K2, turn, P2, turn… etc) ending on a P2. Pick up 5 stitches along the ‘strip’ of extra bit knitted.

but I don’t understand what they mean or how to do it?

If the pattern wanted you to do short row shaping, I think it would have been very specific on that point.

From looking at the picture, is the piece knit so the stitches are vertical? Is the ribbing added later?

What exactly does the pattern say about the increasing–the few lines before and after would help, too.

yeah the ribbing is knitted ina strip and added later
here are the instructions for the first part of the side piece (knitted from the bottom up)

cast on 18st and working in stocking st, 2 stitches from the right edge on foll alt rows, inc 5 st twice, 4 st once, 3 st once, 2 st, once and 1st 4 times.

AT THE SAME TIME when work measures 2.5cm, 2st from left edge of next row, dec 1st once. On foll 6th rows, dec 1st 4 times.

there are no other pattern notes it only specifies decreasing methods for 1 or 2 st but nothing about how to increase.

I still think that you should increase evenly spaced, on the knit rows, 5 on the first k row, 5 on the next, the 4, 3, 2, 1 and 1.

Since you start with only 18 stitches, I think I’d try it and see if it develops the shape that the picture has.

I would do a M1 stitch where you pick up the bar between two stitches with the left needle from front to back and knit into the small loop in the back. It will be almost invisible.

thanks I’ll give it a go and see if it works.

someone said that there were similar increasing steps creating a curve in these drops patterns and suggested that I spread out the increases over the stitches closest to the curve. It doesn’t really tell you how to go about it in those patterns either.

I’ll give it a try and let you know
thanks for the help :smiley:

Please do. I’m curious about this. You’d think that they might expect confusion. :rollseyes:

I found an explaination and step by step tutorial with pictures here

I’m going to give this a try and see what happens

:?? I certainly would never had thought of that! Looks good, though. I bookmarked it for future reference. Learn something new every day!