Help with Muir pattern

I just cast on for [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]Muir today, I’m only on row 3 and I already need help!
My problem is with the first 14 stitches of row 3. According to row 2, I should have 14 stitches in the first part of row 3. But as far as I can tell, row three only deals with 13 stitches.
What i see on the chart is this for row 3: K,K,Ssk, YO, K1 tbl, Yo,K2tog, YO, K2tog,YO, K2tog, YO, K2tog, YO

Am I wrong in my thinking that that only deals with 13 stitches? I’ve tried knitting this several times, and it’s never right. I checked on ravelry and no one has complained about a mistake though.
Could someone take a look at the chart and help me?
Thanks so much!

You’re making a picot on the beginning st, wouldn’t that be the 14th st?

Looking at the written instructions though, row 3 is -
“Make picot, k1, ssk, yo, k1 tbl, [yo, k2tog] to last 2 sts, k2.”

You repeat the YO, k2tog until you get to the last 2 sts, then k2. The way you wrote it is much different.

But there is no symbol for making a picot at the beginning of row 3. The picots are on rows 1,5,9,etc. Those are the right side row picots anyway.
Are you finding written instructions for this that I’m not seeing? I’m still very confused.
Thanks for helping though. :hug:

You know what… I was looking at the instructions for the Border, sorry.

Opened the chart and I see 14 sts on row 2 that you work on for the beginning of row 3. But since the st after the 13th st is a S2kpo, that will use the 14th st. Don’t try to make it come out even; looks like with the double decreases and single decreases all the stitches will be accounted for.

Whew! Ok, I’ll give it a try. :teehee: My brain was starting to hurt! :teehee:

Sue, thank you so much! I think what blocked me was that I had placed a stitch marker there to help me with the pattern repeats, and so in my mind I wanted everything accounted for within that one section. I knitted that row, and everything was fine, so yeah! :cheering:

Some patterns you can’t put stitch markers exactly between pattern repeats because of decs. But sounds like you’ll do fine.