Help with Moss Stitch

Hi, I am fairly new at knitting, and I wanted to try some new stitches. I thought the Moss stitch would be easy enough, but somehow I keep messing it up. Alternating between knits and purls is confusing for me. I keep adding extra stitches after I do a purl. Is there something that I am not doing correctly. Is my yarn in the wrong position? I tried to look up videos on how to do the moss stitch, but in every one, the person is knitting too fast for me to see all the steps. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

LOL! I had the same problems starting out, but now moss stitch (AKA seed stitch) is one of my faves.
Hint #1 – If you cast on an odd number of stitches, every row will start with a knit, so you’ll have one less thing to think about.
Hint #2 – watch your work. You’ll always be knitting the “bumps” and purling the “smoothies.” This is good training for everything you do. It will help you identify problems before they’re born.
Hint #3 – slow waaaaaaay down until this stitch “gets into your fingers.” Your poor hands have already developed some bad habits, here, so you need to give them a chance to unlearn the wrong way and relearn the right way.
Hint #4 – don’t start any projects with different patterns until you get this stitch under control or you’ll just get frustrated again when you come back to this one.
GOOD LUCK! This stitch is well worth the effort of getting it mastered. :hug:

Thanks for both the question and the answer to this! I, too, am new to knitting. I have finally decided to try a blocked afghan for my first project. Each color block has a different stitch, one of which is moss stitch. The hints really helped me understand what I’m doing. Now I’m just hoping it’s actually right! Maybe I’ll scan and post once I get a bit more of the swatch done!

You don’t always have to have an odd number of stitches, but you do always have to knit the purls and purl the knits.

Be sure you always move the yarn to the front between the needles to purl and to the back between the needles to knit, if you don’t you might get inadvertent yarn overs which will add stitches and make holes.

Go slowly at first and learn to read the stitches.

Oooo, I saw that on TV. It was really kewl when it was finished. :thumbsup:

[quote=MerigoldinWA;1273207]You don’t always have to have an odd number of stitches, but you do always have to knit the purls and purl the knits.
You’re right. I modified my original post to clear that up.

thank you countrynaturals and merigoldenWA. I will definitely use your tips and hints!