Help with mittens please,

Hi all:

I’m making a pair of felted mittens to match my DD’s hat. I have made mittens before so I thought I knew the score but I was knitting along happily and I ran into a snag,…

Here is the pattern:

and I’m stuck at the part where you K3, K4 sts onto waste yarn (?) and then SL them back onto the right needle and K to end.

Now, when I knit mittens before I put the thumb sts on a holder and came back to them later. With this pattern, I don’t understand the instructions about the thumb later. Is there a hole there? Where is the hole for the thumb? Can I just put those 4 sts on a holder and PU sts later??

Thanks for your help. I’m at the point where I need to know and I want to get these finished, it’s getting so cold!!!

What she’s having you do is knit [I]with[/I] the waste yarn so the waste yarn is what you knit on the following row. So you’d use the waste yarn to knit the 4 stitches, and on the next round you’d be knitting 4 stitches of the waste yarn.

Later, you remove the waste and you’ll have 4 stitches below where the waste was and 4 above where the waste was.

I love your description of yourself! Did you name your girls after their grannies?

Do you mean me?? It’s not my blog so I don’t really know where she got the names of her daughters. It’s a cute blog though, isn’t it??


Well, nevermind then. :wink: