Help with missing stitch on sock pattern

I recently started pulling out all my old patterns and I found a sock that I was working on a while ago. It is nearly finished and I was working on the part just before I shape the toe. Looking at it I noticed a couple of problems. First, I am missing a stitch somewhere. I only have 48 and I am supposed to have 49. Not only that but i’m supposed to have 12 sts on the 1st and 3rd needles and 25 on the 2nd. Currently there are 13 on #1, 25 on #2 and 10 on #3. If you’re not confused enough the beginning of every needle is supposed to be a purl but that is not the case except on needle #2. I’m not sure if I should rip it out to the last place the stitches were right or just add a stitch or ignore it and finish the toe. Help!:hair:

Ignore and go on. It’s a sock. It’ll be in a shoe…

I think I went to the same sock school as Lizzy - it’s a sock; it’ll be inside a shoe; who’s going to see the toe area. Well, unless you plan to enter it in the competition at the State Fair or something like that - it’s just a sock.

That said, I’d check it over carefully to make sure there isn’t a dropped stitch somewhere that will unravel. If you find one, I’d just tighten it up, pull the loop to the back and tie it off so it doesn’t unravel.

Go back to the toe and pick up a stitch whereever you need it. Slide the stitches around so you have the correct number on each needle and make sure they’re oriented properly in relation to the heel. You don’t want the toe decreases off center.

Neither would I worry about the purl stitches not being at the beginning of each needle. It must be part of the stitch pattern that runs from the heel to toe. But you said you’re about to start the toe in a row or two so you’ll probably switch to all stockinette stitch about now anyway.