Help with mermaid tail?

How is this done? I know the rib knit pattern is simple, but how to do the wavy edge? For the life of me I can’t figure it out.
Anyone have any ideas?

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Welcome to KH!
It might be done with short rows. I can’t get very good resolution but iit looks to me like the cast on is a single line making me think short rows rather than starting in 2 sections and joining after a few rows.
Another way to do it would be to knit sideways alternating 2 rows stockinette and 2 rows reverse stockinette.

I’m pretty sure it’s 3x3 ribbing, but I think that might work, too.

I’m still fairly new to knitting, so I don’t really know what “short rows” are. Looks like something else to research!

Thanks for your help!

Short rows give shaping to knit pieces. There are different ways to do them but my favorite is German short rows, also called double stitch.
The idea is to knit part way along the row and turn before the end of row so that one edge of the knitting has more rows than the other.


Is that picture from a pattern or a commerically made blanket? It could be cut from ribbed fabric and the edge sewn if it’s not hand-made.

The mermaid blanket I made had the tail made side to side and then sewn on to the blanket, so the curves were made using simple bind-offs/decreases.

If you look at this one as though you were working from the top of the tail to the bottom, it’d be a simple matter of joining another ball of yarn and working decreases to create the curve. Kind of like working two shoulder fronts on a sweater.


Thanks everyone! I don’t know if it’s a pattern or commercially made, it’s just a picture I came across that I like.

I managed to learn a few new skills trying to figure this out… I think I’m on the right track here, but not quite there yet…