Help with measuring/seaming

I am STILL working on the Kenobi jacket (over 2 years later.) I am on the front where you start shaping for armhole, but I have a bit of a problem. The pieces are done in patterns, like the left front is moss st, then reverse st st, then 1x1 rib, then 3 border stitches. It will be eventually seamed to the moss stitch side of the back. The problem I have is it says to knit until the piece measures 19" (the same for the back, of course) and then start shaping, but I’m getting a different measurement in the rev. st. st section, the moss section, and the rib section and now I see the same problem with the back (it was blocked 2 years ago, didn’t quite hold the blocking in my UFO drawer)… what do I do? I would presume I could just try to line up back and front to make sure the shaping matches up, but is that “safe” to get a nice smooth seam or might I run into trouble after blocking the pieces? This is my first even close to finished garment, so I’m at a loss.

Thanks so much!

Since you’ve already knit the back, I’d start the front bind off to match the length at the back underarm. When you are done, you can reblock the sweater pieces & even up the moss stitch & stockinette somewhat. Especially if the sweater is wool or a wool blend.

Something else I learned the hard way. If your knitting (in progress) has been sitting on straight needles for 2 years, best to frog back one row. I’ve gotten an unsightly ridge that was hard to block out from being on the needle that long. Never had this problem on circulars. But thought I’d pass it along.

It’s been on circulars, but I will definitely keep that in mind, thank you!