Help with measurements

I am getting ready to start an Alice Starmore aran sweater. I can handle the charts instead of written directions but could use some help with sizing.

Size 7-8 states:

Underarm. 35.5 in
Length 14 in
Sleeve length. 18.3

Chest. 27-28 in

My sister lives near grandson and sent these:

Neck 13 in
wrist 6 in
Back neckline to waist 13 in
Shoulder to wrist. 16 in
Chest 23 in (he’s skinny and tall)
Underarm seam to waist 11. In

Guess I’m asking if I am going to hate this sweater before it is finished?

Advice? Suggestions?


Well you should certainly love an Alice Starmore aran before you start because they’re usually intricate patterns that take time.
What is the age of your grandson? If he’s still growing, it’s good to make this sweater a bit larger.
One suggestion is for your sister to take a sweater that he likes the fit of and measure the chest, sleeve length, length from the underarm to bottom edge and length from shoulder to bottom edge. Those will be helpful numbers to add to the measurements you already have.
I’m not sure that I understand some of the measurements from the pattern (length [I]to[/I] the underarm, 35.5in? length of the armhole itself, 14in?). And on the young man’s measurements, chest 23"?