Help With Mason Dixon Baby Kimono

I’m at the part in this pattern where it says to inc 1 st at neck edge, using either the YO or MO increase.

I’m going to do the YO because I love how it makes an eyelet. My question is this: Should I knit 1 or 2 stitches before I do the increase? From looking at the picture shown in the book, it looks like there is a stitch or two before the YO.

Any help would be great! This is my very first project that isn’t a dishcloth or a purse, and I’m really obsessing over getting it right. Thanks.

I have made 2 of these great sweaters and I knit one stitch before the increases. I am sure that if you knit 2 stitches first it would look just at nice. Good luck.

Thanks Sarah. I KNEW it had to be something like that.