Help with Manly Scarf, Please

Hi all–I am ready to knit this scarf

It uses three colors, which change every 2 rows.

Should I carry the yarn up the sides as I go, or do I have to break off and weave in?

Please don’t tell me I have to weave in all those ends. :wall:

Thanks so much,

it’s entirely up to you really, you can carry them up the sides, no worries, but i only do this when i am doing an item that will be seamed, to hide the stranding - i know it’s not hugely obvious, but i know it’s there!!. Since it’s a scarf, personally, and i know it’s a lot of weaving (i’ve been taught to have a more positive attitude towards finishing than a lot of other people round here have :muah: ), but i would do the weaving in.

Prefer to spend that time, than have to look at those nasty strands for the rest of my life!! So it’s up to you.

I, on the other hand, would strand up the sides. :shrug:

I have never carried yarn up the sides in a scarf, but I do know that the selvedges might get a little ooky. Usually when they look too bad, I crochet a border, which I really like the look of. But I like the pattern and a crocheted border just wouldn’t work on this, I think.

If I break yarn and weave it in as I go, I think it will be less painful.

Oh, decisions, decisions… :shrug:


Why not do the version where you CO 201 stitches and knit the scarf lengthwise? Then you wont have too many ends to weave.

Actually, if you do it that way and you are going to add fringe, you could carry the yarn because you would be hiding the stranding with the fringe.

Just an idea…