Help with making my own pattern

Hi I have a question about making up my own pattern. Since I can not find the yarn I need I would like to design my own barbie outfits. Can someone give me some advice on how to go about this. I have never made my own before but would like to try!! Thanks so much


I know Crochet Wold did a series of barbie doll clothing using crochet cotton/thread (the stuff you make doilies with) and I think you may be able to find the patterns on their website and you could use them as a guide on how to shape the pieces.

Nicky Epstein has several books of Barbie patterns, (barbie patterns exclusively, and barbie and me (matching outfits for barbie and babe’s (childrens, teens, adults!)

if you’re on ravelry, there are barbie knitters (as a group) and many links to free patterns (you’re bound to find one you like/for the yarn (weight) you want to use)

as for designing… well that’s a whole different skill, but basicly
swatch, swatch, test knit, (record what you are doing as you do it, (frog --or reknit) record–again,

have some one test knit what you recorded, edit, test knit again.