Help with making collar

Hi, I am making a cardigan and have finished the front, back and sleeves. Now I am doing a collar but it looks different than most collars. It lookes like lace inset into the front of the sweater. It says,
right collar: pick up 58sts on smaller needles along left neck edge and knit approx. 12cm pf pattern 2 put all sts on a st holder. My question is

Do I pick up just down the edge or am I also picking up down the edge and the front part that goes across? Here is my pattern

If I pick up down the edge and along the front how does it keep the square look at the front? :?? Hope I am making sense.

As far as I can see, you are picking up stitches only along the vertical edge, as you are looking at the picture. Then, after you work the 12cm of stitch pattern 2 on those 58 stitches you will put them on hold. Then you pick up stitches to form the buttonband and those 58 stitches also become part of the buttonband. So the whole thing ends up joined except for the lower edge of the lace section. The pattern isn’t very specific, but I imagine that you’ll need to seam that little horizontal lower edge of the lace section to the corresponding stockinette stitch edge.

Thanks, I was not sure how that would work out with the horizontal edge. So I guess it makes sense that I would have to sew it up later. It is funny that they don’t give any instructions for it. But again, I am just new and have a lot to learn. Thank you again for your help :hug:

And those garnstudio patterns often leave a little to the imagination!!

Great! I don’t have a lot of imagination when it comes to knitting. Thank goodness I have you guys! :muah:

I have another question. Should I sew the horitontal edge first then pick up stitches for the neckband? :??

Sure, that would probably be fine.

I am having a problem with my collar. :?? It says to pick up 58sts along left neck edge and knit approx 12cm of pattern 2. Ok, so I know from before I was told to pick up stiches from the right side so I don’t get a bump on the outside of the sweater but in order to do that I have to start at the top(shoulder edge) and go down to where the horizontal edge starts. So that is ok but now when I turn my work to start the next row I am on the wrong side and I need to be on the right side in order for the pattern to be on the RS of my work.Here is my pattern

What do you think? Am I doing something wrong?

You’re right. I think I’d just purl one row and then start with the pattern 2 rows.

Thank you knitqueen. :muah: I was just waiting for an answer so I started to go over Amy’s video’s again and of course I have more questions. You are so helpful. :hug: I don’t know why I did not think of just knitting a purl row. I will go start my collar now.

Knitqueen, I am going to start the right front of my collar but I am having a problem. Surprise :oops: OK, so for the left front I had to pu stitches and then knit pattern 2. Well, when you look at pattern two one way the yo look like upside down v and when you turn it and look at it the other way it looks like a v. So, since I pu stiches on the left front starting at the shoulder and worked down does that not mean I would have to start to pu stitches on the right front at the shoulder to get the pattern to look the same on both sides. Here is my problem. When I picked up stitches on the left front I had the needle on the right and worked down going left. Like the video, but if I pu stitches on the right front and work down I will have my needle on the left and pu stitches going right. Will they work out that way? Am I putting them on backwards? Does it matter? I just tried to pu stitches going from left to right and I can’t figure out how to wrap the yarn. :shrug: Hope I am making sense.