Help with Mags Kandis' instructions-tea cozy

I am working on a tea cozy (Gifted, by M. Kandis), knitting in the round. After the 7th round, I was instructed to work the pattern for the first half of the stitches, and place the remaining sts on a holder. Then, I worked the pattern on the first half until it was 5.5", and ended with a WS row. The instructions continued, “place sts on holder. [COLOR=“Blue”]Do not cut yarn[/COLOR].”

Then to work the second half: "Return held sts to needle with RS facing and [COLOR=“Blue”]rejoin yarn to beg of sts[/COLOR]. Work back and forth until second half matches first half. Leave sts on needle. Cut yarn."
Then Join Halves: “With RS of second half facing, return held sts of first half onto needle to the right of second half. [COLOR=“Blue”]Using yarn still attached to first half,[/COLOR] work first half sts…”
[COLOR=“Blue”]My Question: Where do I get the yarn from to work the 2nd half, if I have not cut it from the first half? Do I use the other end of the skein?? I’m just confused about “rejoin yarn to beg of sts.”[/COLOR]
Thanks for your help!

Sounds very cute! Yes, use the yarn strand from the other end of the skein to work the sts for the second half. It’s all just a way to avoid having extra ends to weave in later, the fewer the better.

Thank you so much! I’ve waited days trying to figure out what to do next, and I’m on vacation with a few yarn shops at a distance, but they were unable to answer my question over the phone. Yay! :cheering: Now I can finish the gift! :muah: