Help with Magic Loop

I’m relatively new to the Magic Loop method … I’ve only used it for a couple of smaller projects so far but have been happy with the results.

I’m fairly certain that I’m following the instructional video on this site properly, but when I’m knitting using the Magic Loop method the RS of the work in on the inside of the “tube” of knitting. So essentially I’m knitting the project inside out. This hasn’t bothered me so far, as so far I’ve used stitch patterns that are reversible (ie. they look the same on the RS and the WS), and I just turn the knitting right side out when finished.

I understand [I]why[/I] my work is inside out (because the “tube” of knitting is between myself and the needle that I am knitting off of), but I can not for the life of me figure out how to change this! I’m starting to wonder whether this is how Magic Loop is supposed to be done or whether I’m just having a total mental block as to how to position my needles correctly!

My question is this: is there a way to use the Magic Loop method of circular knitting and have the RS of the work facing out?

Any insights would be appreciated! :muah:

I use ML almost exclusively now that I’ve got the hang of it. :thumbsup: It’s been said in here that you can just turn the work right side out and then knit on the outside, but I haven’t tried it.

Did you watch the video? If you haven’t it’s in the advanced technique section of the KH videos.

Here’s more help - this one has still photos and shows you how you hold the needles so you start out the right way in the first place. Scroll down.

You can flip it inside out then the RS will be on the outside. You’re knitting with the needles away from you and after you flip it they’ll be closest to you, with the tube away from you. Either way to knit is fine - you can knit inside out and flip it when you’re done.

Thanks! I had been following the video here on KH, which I believe (although I could be mistaken … maybe I misunderstood) instructs you to pull out the needle closest to you and knit on to it. Doing it this way means that the knitting will be inside out, with the RS on the inside of the tube of knitting.

The link you provided shows how to pull the opposite needle, which should create a tube of knitting with the RS on the outside. I’ll try it this way when I get home!

Thanks again! :muah:

I just watched the video and she’s doing it correctly. I think it’s because she’s holding it up so you see the underside that confused you. :hug:

Ahhh! Ok, it must just be the angle … I suppose the larger still photos were easier for me to understand.

Thanks again! :muah: