Help with M1

I am a new knitter and am following a pattern that calls for M1. It is knitted in the round on double pointed needles to start. The increase is called for before and after the first stitch on every needle but does not specify what method to use. I’m familier with KFB, M1L, M1R as increases but I’m not sure if one of these or another would be called for here. Any suggestions?

Probably a M1L. What’s the pattern?

Check the Tips under Free Videos. I always do an M1 like I’m knitting the stitch. I wouldn’t want to steer you wrong so the video might be the way to go. I think a few years ago I googled knitting M1 and got directions but the video’s I’ve seen here are helpful. So are all the knitters that comment.

The pattern is one of a French Market Bag that I found under “bags and purses” on the pattern tab of this website.

It’s worked in the round, with increases before and after the first stitch on each needle.

I have viewed the video tutorials here (this has been my classroom!) and under increases selection of videos, there are many choices for increasing such as M1L, M1R, KLL, KRL, KFB and so on. How to know which to use in various patterns (if not specified) is my quandry.

This is not the first pattern I’ve encountered that called for increases without further instruction. My last project was a wool diaper cover that called for increasing at both ends of the rows which I accomplished with KFB. It worked well because the increases would be hidden in a seam.

Thanks for your help!!

Lots of patterns don’t have which M1 to use. They like to give folks the option of using the one they think is best in the situation.

In the case of this bag, especially since it is going to be felted I don’t think it matters much which one you use. Any inc that doesn’t mess with the stitch count will work fine.

But if you want my opinion, I think I would use a simple loop over the right hand needle. On the videos of incs on this site, this is the first inc mentioned and you can do it making the loop over the needle two ways. I would just do them all the same, whichever comes most naturally to you. She says this inc leaves a little hole, but in her sample you can’t see a hole, so it doesn’t amount to much. And when this is felted any slight hole will be filled in and this is a very easy inc to do in this situation.

Oh, the one fromKnitty. It usually says in their patterns that they use the standard terms, found here.
“Make 1 stitch: Insert left needle, from front to back, under strand of yarn which runs between last stitch on left needle and first stitch on right needle; knit this stitch through back loop.”

You can use a kfb, but it can throw off the placement of the increases as you knit a stitch to make the inc, while the m1 is done between stitches.