Help with m1

:help: I am working my first pair of mittens. The first is done, but at the thumb gusset where I am to m1 I have little holes. I did not yarn over, I did pick up the little bar and knit into it. What am I doing wrong? Mittens should not have holes in them:pout: :verysad:
and for the cherry on top making the first mitten I missed an entire row of increase…it looks like a mitten, it fits like a mitten, it must be a mitten, I am happy with it…I just want the second one to look like the first…so I need to make the same mistakes:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: This I am sure I can do:mrgreen:

When you pick up the bar and knit into it, you should do it so that the stitch is twisted. That helps minimize the hole.

What Sue said, but a little added. If you pick the strand up in front, knit into the back of the strand. If you pick it up from behind, knit into the front of the strand.

That should help. If it doesn’t completely solve the problem there are other things you can do. You can also sew the holes closed with one or 2 well placed stitches with your tapestry needle.

Sue is always right: when it says M1 you insert the right needle purlwise into the “ladder rung” between the stitch just worked on the right needle and the stitch you are about to work on the left needle, you will then give the stitch a twist as you place it on the left needle and work it. If it is not twisted there will be a hole.