Help with loretta lynn poncho

I’m pretty much a beginner. I’m knitting the Loretta Lynn poncho by Berroco. Here’s what it says: M1k, k to 1 st before first marker, M1k, sl marker, k2, sl marker, M1k, k to 1 st before next marker, M1k, sl marker, k2. My question is: do you knit up to but not knit the stitch before the marker? Then what do you do with that stitch?
Any help would be appreciated.

Yes, you knit to where there’s 1 st before the marker and increase in it. You can use a kfb, or you could knit it and do a regular M1, slip the marker, k2, etc. Many pattern writers use M1 to indicate an increase (make a stitch) but don’t always mean that it should be the M1 increase. Usually an increase [B]in[/B] a st is a kfb.