Help with loose stitches

I’m making this cable knit sweater:
My issue can be seen in the attached photo. How do I avoid the loose stitches? It seems to be loose right there no matter what I do. The looseness occurs when I am going from purl stitches into k2togtbl on the right side or from knit into p2tog on the wrong side. Thanks for any help.

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Your knitting looks very nice. Loose stitches between knits and purls are a common problem. You can tighten up a bit on the second stitch and that helps close the ladder between knits and purls. So you would knit a stitch, purl the next and snug up the yarn before making the next stitch, usually another purl.

You can also try wrapping the yarn clockwise around the purl stitch that follows a knit. This is the technique whether you’re getting loose knits or ladders between knits and purls.,this%20stitch%20will%20be%20twisted.

I really like the look and the process of knitting these aran designs.


In addition to what salmonmac has said, I find if I give a bit of a tug on the yarn after a purl, before a knit, the yarn is better positioned for working the next stitch, so when you move the yarn from front to back give a little tug towards the right.
I used the wrapping in the in the opposite direction on a project and that really helped. Also rather than trying to over tighten the loose stitch, instead work the following 2 tightly. The extra yarn in the loose stitch can go into the next 2 tight ones to even things out.

I’ve also been known to use a tapestry needle and to draw the extra yarn across from big stitches to smaller ones all the way across a fabric. Sounds really tedious but it’s kind of relaxing if you get into it.

i don’t see loose stitches! It looks fantastic! Great tips from @salmonmac & @creations! I struggle with loose stitches. Sometimes I can pull other stitches and even it out. I’m in the habit of tugging after every purl. I’ve read that it will adjust itself with wear and washing, especially for such a tiny difference as yours. My cables always have noticeably loose stitches. Perhaps that’s why I don’t practice them much!

Thanks you guys for your suggestions. I had no idea this was such a common phenomenon…it didn’t even occur to me to google it!

I just started making the same pattern again (I know, kind of boring, but I love the pattern!) in a different color, and this time I’m going to incorporate the “tug” and the clockwise trick. I can’t wait to compare!


It will be interesting to compare the two.
The yarn type makes a difference too. The yarn you are using has such a clean stitch definition which is lovely, but it shows every teeny tiny slant of a stitch.
I am not at all experienced in yarn types but have noticed a big difference in some of the yarns I’ve used.