Help with long floats

I’m working on my first color-changing project, which requires fairly long floats, especially for the black bit, where the blue has to carry almost the whole width of the piece.

I’ve since learned that there are techniques for shortening the floats as you’re working, the only problem is I didn’t use them. I’ve finished the design and I’m into the Stockinette Until You Run Out of Yarn section. The floats don’t seem to be hurting anything right now, but they’re fairly loose and I’m worried that when she wears it they’ll be more likely to snag or break. Is there anything I can do tighten them up?

You could line the piece, or you could thread a yarn needle with some of the yarn and run it up through the back of the stitches and the floats. It won’t show from the front, but will hold the floats to the fabric.

Yarn butterflies or bobbins are a good solution for your next project, but I didn’t know about them early on either.