Help with Lisa Richardson's cable sweater pattern

Hi everyone,

I am stuck on how to read a lace pattern chart! I am knitting Lisa Richardson’s cable sweater issued in the Rowan magazine RM002-00010-CableSweater-UK - the picture below shows the pattern chart for knitting the body.

I understand that the red box is for repeating patterns in the row - but how come for row 13 & 14 the box shifts to one side? What is the point of that? I am knitting the smallest size and the instructions for row 13 doesn’t show anything special other than work the chart pattern, essentially.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Hi and welcome to the forum!
The rows shift in order to complete the cable pattern. If the repeat box ended at stitch 14 the cable would be left half finished. This may be easier to understand once you get to row 13 and have sts on the needle.

Thank you for the swift response and the welcome!
I think I know what you’re saying - but what is not clear to me is why the first two stitches on row 13 are empty. If they were filled with something, then to me I can see why there may a need for the repeat boxes to shift somehow.

The designer might have chosen to fill those shifts in with open squares but chose not to. It’s a good question for the designer.