Help with lion brand pattern

i really liked the knit trim of the week that came in my lion brand e-mail

so… i’m trying it (to see what i can do with it), and can’t get past the 2nd row

heres what i have so far:

Cast on a multiple of 18 sts plus 1. [B]I co 19[/B]
1st row (RS) P. B[/B]
2nd row P 2, * [k 3, p 1] 3 times, k 3, p 3; rep from *, ending p 2. [B]when i got to last k3, p1 i only had 5 sts left[/B]

Can someone help me ???
Please and thanks!

Instead of k3, p3, at the end of the row, it will be k3, p2 which uses those 5 sts.

you’d think i never knit before LOL!!!
i’ll be back, i’m sure!

i should have started w/ 37

Ehhhh, we’ve all been there, done that…