Help with Lion Brand pattern 90060AD Layette -- resolved

I am working on this pattern and am at the yoke. Everything is going wonderful and then I come to the “at the same time” instructions. I thought I had it worked out and the stitches seem to be coming out correctly, but when i slip the last 4 stitches to a holder I’m not rally sure where to go from there, do I just knit another row so I have a RS to do the dec? then what about the RS row that would need to come next? I’m confused :slight_smile:

There are 2 things going on. You should start shaping the neck when you get to the given yoke measurement and you need to get down to a certain number of sts. So if you have the correct yoke measurement, 2.5" for the smallest size, put the sts on hold at the fronts (4sts each side). Continue with the yoke decreases at the markers and work the neck decreases until you get to 43sts.

Ok, that makes sense, I think I understand now. The 12 sets made the 2.5 inches, I did the neck shape row and have the four stiches on holders at each end. Now I should be doing yoke decrease row then a neck decrease row, until I get down to the correct number of stitches. Right? Remembering the single stitch decrease of course

How many sts do you have now? The neck decreases will account for 4 sts.
What is the single stitch decrease?

Right now I have 87 . The single stitch is decrease one stitch at beginning and end of rs rows

OK, yes, one stitch at each end (2sts total) times 2 rows.
Have you been decreasing 8sts each decrease row in the yoke (before and after each marker)?

Yes, and on the neck rows as well

So when I start the final row of decreases to get to my 43 stitches there are only two stitches at the beginning and end. I presume i work them the same and knit two together Slip the marker and work to the end ?

I am ending on the right side i did something wrong i should be ending on ws

Salmonmac, thank you!!! I am on the front bands and the jacket is going to be awesome!

Great, I’m glad you worked it out! Usually, an extra row here or there doesn’t make much difference so if you need to add a row to get to the WS, that’s fine.
I hope we get to see a photo of this adorable jacket. Have fun finishing up,

I really appreciate that you stayed up to help me! the rows worked out exactly as they should have. This is the first raglan and only the 4th sweater/jacket I have made, so the instructions got a little confusing.

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so i thought i would show you the finished product

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you were so much help, thank you again

You are more than welcome. Absolutely adorable! You’ve worked this so well. Many thanks for the photo.

here is the hat and booties that go with, and I’m almost done with the blanket!

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That outfit could not be cuter. You’ve worked this so beautifully. Love it!

Really nice work!! It is the cutest outfit😍

thank you all! this was so much fun. I’m hoping to get a picture of the baby in the outfit. I’ll post here if i get one :):rofl::smile:

i totally would NOT have been able to get it done if not for you!