Help with Lett Lopi Vest

Hi! I´m a beginner, and I´m just getting started on the Lett Lopi Vest Vormorgun. It´s my first more complicated project (ie non-scarf…) and I´m having trouble reading the pattern. It´s worked bottom up and in-the round.

For the last part of the body, it says “Do not work last 5 (5) 6 (6) 7 sts of last rnd.” It then goes on with the yoke of the vest.
What does “do not work” mean? Slip the stitches?

I´d be really grateful for any help!

I think this is your pattern? I’m not sure what happens with those stitches it says not to work. Someone else will.

Yep, that’s the pattern! Couldn’t post it before because it was my first post :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome!
The sts that aren’t worked. the last 5 (5) 6 (6) 7sts will form part of the underarm. The next directions tell you to cast off (instead of cast of) those sts and several more. The reason you stop before the end of round is to center the underarm cast off over the side marker. That way the side shaping will be centered below the underarm and not slightly askew.
So proceedl on to the next directions:

Cast [I]off[/I] 9 (10) 11 (12) 13 sts for left underarm. Work front 61 (64) 67 (70) 73 sts.
Cast [I]off[/I] 9 (10) 11 (12) 13 sts for right underarm. Work back 61 (64) 67 (70) 73 sts.
and you should be fine with two gaps in the round for the underarm. Later you’ll cast on over those gaps for the yoke.
Very pretty pattern. I like the yoke and it’s a good challenge as a first big project.

Amazing! Thank you so much for your help, really excited to see how the vest turns out.

Well, good, so am I. We’d all love to see a phote if you’d like to post one.

Hi I an knitting the same vest as CyanCyan. I am stuck at the yoke. I’ve understood the bit about casting off for armholes. How do I cast on new stitches for shoulders? Do I use separate pieces ofbyarn and then join up in the next round?. Thanks for any help

You’ve cast off the sts at both underarms and knit across the back. Now you’re at the gap for the left underarm. You’re working yarn is coming off the right hand needle. Take that needle in your left hand and use the working strand to cast on the required number of sts. You can use a cable or a knit cast on for this. Now take the needle back in your right hand and continue on with knitting across the front.

Thanks. I’ll try this and let you know