Help with LB triangle shawl


I was wondering if I could get some help with a pattern? It’s the lion brand triangle shawl done with Trellis yarn, not sure I can post urls here :slight_smile:

A friend picked it out and I began the pattern the way it called, R1: Knit, R2: Kf&b, K to end, Kf&b, repeat row 2 until 75", next row K. Now another friend is saying I’m doing it wrong, that after the second row you knit then pick up the pattern again where I’m just repeating the second row again and again 'til I reach the 75". Does anyone know who’s right? It’s a lot of knitting to just be making the same mistake over and over :slight_smile:

Thanks for help!

You win! Repeat row 2 over and over, increasing at each edge.

Woo Hoo! Thank You, half a skein unwasted :slight_smile:

Take care,