Help with last stitch

Hi there!

So I just starting knitting a couple days ago, and I finally got the knit stitch down. I did a couple of rows mindlessly only to find my finished bit was slowly becoming more and more rounded. After ~7 rows done I had double the stitches! So I started again and did some research and I’m doing everything by the book and after counting the only area that I add a stitch is on the last stitch in a row. I have no clue how to move that stitch over to start on the next row without it turning into two separate ones.

Any help would be much appreciated!

You just knit the last stitch normally so it’s one loop on the needle. Then turn your work and start all over again. This link has 3 videos for learning to knit. About 13 minutes in on the first video you can see her knit the last stitch. The videos in general may be helpful for you.

After you see Amy’s videos you might check some others. This is a Google search, you can pick which you might want to see.

Thank you so much!! I finally realized I just need to look at the other side. Thanks very much for your responses!